A clear value system 
guides our activities

FORB and its portfolio companies execute their strategies following a clear non-negotiable set of values. We follow these values not only because they are the right thing to do but also because they are the smart thing to do.



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Regular Reporting by leveraging regular reporting and meetings, technology, and ad hoc communiques — our stakeholders, vendors, partners, and clients always know what’s going on.


Honesty & Integrity

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Self Evident you only get one chance to loose your credibility integrity & reputation


Alignment of Interest

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Partners in Risk & Reward one of the bedrocks of the FORB values system is alignment of interests. By this we mean, both reward and risks are shared. Because early operating teams (executives, Boards, vendors, professional firms) are incentivised through various forms of ownership, decisions are based on the best interest of the portfolio company rather than any one party’s short-term “paycheck.” FORB stakeholders look to make smart long-term decisions because they have “skin in the game.”


Promise Keeping

Once lost trust cannot be regained
A Foundation For Business keeping promises  to investors, employees, board, customers, vendors -- regardless of the inconvenience, pain or costs, delivers dividends to enterprises orders of magnitude more than the costs