We identify & hone great ideas
... And then transform them into great businesses
FORB is distinct from most venture capital firms  because we only work on one or two ideas at a time. We take the lead in methodically turning great ideas into viable and profitable companies that are built to scale, succeed and then can be sold at a premium valuation.
"FORB saw the larger idea behind 
my invention and brought it to market. 
I could not have wished for a better partner"
Scott Woolwine, Inventor of the Bully Buddy

The FORB Method

FORB works with early stage ideas & enterprises that show extraordinary potential. 
We are agnostic about both the industries we invest in or whether they be B2B or B2C.
“Success is a result of having a bias for action coupled 
with the ability to fail and get up and try again"
Michael London